Introducing The Fawlty Towers Podcast

Welcome to the Fawlty Towers Podcast, hosted by Gerry and Iain. This show is an informal and affectionate retrospective of the classic BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers by John Cleese and Connie Booth. 

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Episode 0: Introduction


Hosted by the team behind The Columbo Podcast and The Blackadder Podcast (amongst others), the Fawlty Towers podcast looks back at each episode of the series to relive and enjoy them, but also to see how well they stand up for a twenty-first century audience.


We hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to sharing our love for Fawlty Towers with you and receiving your feedback. There will be a post available for discussion of each episode here on the website and you can find us on both Twitter and Facebook too.