Media Notes

Thank you for your interest in the Fawlty Towers Podcast, which launches on Apple Podcasts and all popular podcast providers on 5th September. We hope these notes will provide useful background and context for the show and have also provided immediate access to Episode 1 below for review purposes.

What’s it about?

We would describe The Fawlty Towers Podcast as an ‘affectionate retrospective’. That is to say we will be looking back on the show not in an effort to expose its flaws or deconstruct its humour, but with curiosity as to how it stands up today and whether our warm recollections remain intact.

Our podcast will consider whether and to what extent the passage of time has left Fawlty Towers behind while also celebrating those elements that  remain funny.

The podcast will air in 14 parts with one show dedicated to each episode of Fawlty Towers, a short introductory show and a wrap-up discussion at the conclusion. New shows will become available on a weekly basis from 5th September until 28th November 2018.

Who’s behind it?

The Fawlty Towers Podcast is produced by Glasgow-based Heard Yet Media, who are responsible for a number of recent popular podcasts, including the retrospective shows The Columbo Podcast, SledgecastThe Blackadder Podcast and The Jonathan Creek Podcast.

The show is hosted by regular presenters Gerry & Iain who have published over 10,000 hours of podcasts to date. In combination, listeners have spent well over a million hours hearing them discuss television shows, with The Columbo Podcast representing their most successful venture so far.

Is it any good?

We are confident that The Fawlty Towers Podcast represents some of our best work in the medium. This sort of thing is, however, subjective so the only way to be sure is to listen to the podcast. The player below is for Episode 1 – A Touch of Class. This is the show that will be published on 5th September when the podcast launches.

Contact information

You can email us at [email protected] or contact Iain Bartholomew by telephone on 07791022434